Microsoft Launcher 6.0 released! A taste of “Windows” on your Android

With the death of Windows Phone, Microsoft Launcher is basically the only current way to have a design inspired by the PC operating system, on your Android. In this sense, the Launcher received version 6.0, which has some interesting news.

Microsoft has been working on this version of the Launcher for several months, even receiving a beta version. However, the final version is now available on the Google Play Store.

Try Microsoft Launcher on the Google Play Store

Top Microsoft Launcher 6.0 News

  • Personalized news feed with stories relevant to the user
  • Support for landscape mode as per smartphone orientation
  • Customizable icons with packs
  • New Wallpapers
  • Dark Mode
  • Improvements in the performance and speed of animations
Examples of the new Microsoft Launcher interface for Android

This update brings very useful and interesting news. The main one is Dark Mode, a popular mode nowadays that darkens the interface, favoring battery life on OLED screens and reducing the strain on users’ eyes.

In addition, like most Android launchers, there is the possibility to customize application icons. For supported apps, the user can choose the icon, through various packs, some paid, some free, also available on the Google Play Store.

Interestingly, this interface also gives us a kind of sample of what the interface on the Surface Duo might look like. This will be a foldable device from Microsoft, but with Android operating system, with a contemporary format and with several possibilities at the level of productivity.

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