Microsoft released the 2020 edition of Flight Simulator and this is what Buenos Aires looks like

Microsoft launched this Tuesday what is perhaps the best-known simulator in the world: “Flight Simulator.” This is the 2020 edition of a saga that has already been on the market for 38 years, a new version that shows details such as live traffic or weather real time, flying over 15 billion buildings, routes or rivers and that is available in Windows 10, Steam and with Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta).

The iconic buildings of Buenos Aires they do not have the same detail as other cities and in fact the obelisk is not 3D molded, as one of the fastest noticeable aspects. But the map has the dimensions of the City, one of the main assets of the game.

The first version of “Microsoft Flight Simulator” was released 38 years ago, at which time elements such as hardware or technology were much more rudimentary. The current evolution allowed the game to have an impressive number of functions, such as showing traffic, animals or the weather in real time, viewed from detailed aircraft ranging from small planes to commercial jets with different types of itineraries.

Flight Simulator, the classic Microsoft flight simulator.

Flight Simulator, the classic Microsoft flight simulator.

The new version, from the hand of Xbox Game Studios and Asobo, is based on three key areas: world, weather and aerodynamics, which have become the basis of “Microsoft Flight Simulator”, improving almost all its areas in addition to having a multiplayer system, more than thirty aircraft available in the “Premium Deluxe Edition”, And thirty airports and twenty highly detailed aircraft in the standard edition.

Factors like precise speed and direction of time, the level of humidity or rain can be activated with the new climate motor function, as well as flying during any time of the year or at different times of the day with the VFR night mode through the new day and night cycle motor.

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Another of its new functions is aerodynamic modeling, with more than 1,000 control surfaces per plane, providing a realistic vision. From single-engine ships to long-range turbo engines, commercial passenger aircraft or executive jets, the simulator offers different possibilities, all of them with the flight deck specifically detailed to carry out the different flight functions.

Microsoft Flight Simulator.  Photo Microsoft

Microsoft Flight Simulator. Photo Microsoft

The edition was made based on the need to “make a fundamental leap in the genre and redefine what a flight simulator means”, According to Microsoft, and it was carried out with Azur and Bing Maps data, resulting in a simulator in which to fly in VFR (visual flight rules), which provides the vision of the world in 3D.

Through these meteorological and terrain data, it was possible to accurately reproduce the impact that the different forces would have on an aircraft in flight, thus redesigning a new aerodynamic model based on this type of data, which gives rise to the latter and expected version, whose last predecessor was launched in 2006.

The simulator has already become the second highest rated game of the year by the Metacritic portal, and it intends to continue evolving and growing over the next few years Through the subsequent launch of the simulation that will arrive later this year, according to Microsoft.

The game has a great level of detail.  (DPA)

The game has a great level of detail. (DPA)


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