Microsoft removes option to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold for one year

Now, only one and three month subscriptions are available on the company’s website

Microsoft withdrew its 12-month subscription option from Xbox Live Gold. Now, only one and three month packages are available for purchase on the platform.

“At the moment, Xbox has decided to remove Xbox Live Gold for 12 months from Microsoft’s online store,” a company spokesman told the website. Neowin. “Customers can still sign up online for a month or three month Xbox Live Gold subscription through the Microsoft Store.”


Xbox Live Gold no longer has a subscription option for a year. Image: Neowin

The site notes that it is still possible to buy a six-month subscription for a friend. In addition, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members are able to purchase a one-year subscription for someone else. Naturally, this includes the 12-month Xbox Live Gold membership, which is part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, as well as access to the Game Pass catalog on the console and PC, and in September this year, the Project xCloud broadcast.

As the Xbox Series X will be launched in 2020, it is possible that Microsoft is planning something behind the scenes to explain the withdrawal of this option. However, for now, anyone who wants to sign up and take advantage of the Xbox Live premium features can purchase the subscription for one or three months on the Microsoft website.

Xbox will offer free Game Pass streaming

When it was announced during the 2018 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), many were skeptical about Microsoft’s Project xCloud. However, it looks like we’re about to see it up and running.

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According to a post on the company’s official blog by Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division at Microsoft, as of September, more than 100 games on the Xbox Game Pass can be played via the cloud on phones and tablets, even if they are far away the console.

Best of all, the service will have no additional cost to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. The company points out that a stable connection to the internet is enough to be able to play the games available anywhere, from a mobile device.

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