Microsoft Teams Display: these are the new smart screens from Microsoft (video)

Microsoft looks more and more towards the business segment and this new bet on the new “Microsoft Teams Display” is an example of that.

The new gadget is not much different from the Google Home Hub or Alexa Echo Show, however, it is aimed at business users with tools that will make work easier.

This is the new Microsoft Teams Display

Two new models were presented. One in black and the other in white, however, with a slightly different design. Still, both allow for the same functionality.

In other words, more actively connect the user with typical work tools. From “easily sending” documents to your computer or entering a video call simply by telling Cortana, your personal assistant.

Microsoft Smart display

The 8 “inch screens are perfect for showing some information or a” screen “intended for video calls only. Users no longer need to walk around looking for the Tab or application on the task screen to see where the call is. to be carried out.

The price will be around 350 $. The current exchange rate can be assumed to reach Portugal for 350 €. A very acceptable price for the gadget itself. The screens have Android as the operating system, however, it is expected to have its limitations. That is, no Google Play Store or Android Apps inside.

In short, we will only know more about gadgets once Microsoft sheds more light on the matter. For now, we know the new products of the brand and we have the clear idea that its target audience quickly changed to the business segment.

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