Microsoft’s SwiftKey debuts a novelty that everyone asked for on Android

Although not visible, the offer of keyboards on Android is large and this competition generates interesting and important developments. The big players are Google and now Microsoft as their SwitftKey, although many others are interesting.

Microsoft’s proposal has now been renewed and has, however, a novelty to arrive very soon. This keyboard will finally give the user the possibility to navigate the text directly and certainly in a very simple way.

Microsoft Swiftkey novelty Android keyboard

Was this the news you expected from SwiftKey?

When Microsoft bought SwiftKey a few years ago, it had very detailed plans for its use. In addition to continuing all developments for Android and iOS, I would also use it on Windows 10.

These ideas have been on their way and now a novelty has been presented in the Android version of SwiftKey. This keyboard from Microsoft finally gives the possibility to navigate in the text without leaving the zone dedicated to all the keys.

Simpler to navigate the text on this keyboard

The user will only need to make a simple movement to have access to this joystick. By continuously pressing the space bar you will have an area to browse the text, moving the cursor in any of the 4 directions.

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This news is for now only in the beta version of Microsoft SwiftKey, but can be tested by all Android users. Just install this version already available on the Play Store and then switch to this new keyboard.

In tests still in the beta version of Android

In fact, this feature that is now being tested on Android has been available for 5 years on iOS. Since Apple opened its system to new keyboards than Microsoft’s SwiftKey it was possible to browse the user’s text.

After purchasing SwitfKey in 2016, there were certainly major changes expected from Microsoft. The truth is that everything was kept the same and only recently has this keyboard taken on the name of the company that now owns it.


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