Minecraft and GTA replace Zoom in executive meetings

Videoconferencing applications have been going through their “golden phase” during the coronavirus pandemic, with the high demand for the home office due to measures of social distance. However, in some areas, working hours seem to have become an eternal virtual meeting, and some companies have been looking for ways to mitigate these periods in front of a computer. And, amazingly, one of them playing video games.

Games, which have also seen increased consumption in recent months, are being used as virtual spaces for meetings, meetings and even closing deals, with Zoom rooms giving way to virtual offices built in Minecraft or even bank robberies in GTA Online. Any multiplayer modality (which allows the participation of several simultaneous players) can become the stage for a conference, either by text or by voice.


Square and pixelated world of Minecraft has proved to be an alternative to Zoom screens. Credit: Divulgao / Microsoft

The simulation of real life in games in nova, since the game Second Life, created by the company Linden Lab, came up with this premise almost 20 years ago, taking the world of business and entertainment to the screens of PCs. But the current moment generated a new boom in this type of virtual meeting. a way to bring happy hour into work and without leaving home.

The scenarios are endless. In Minecraft, for example, executives have the possibility to create an open, three-dimensional world from scratch in any way they want, using pixelated blocks. J GTA brings the alternative of a more real universe, with graphics in high definition and the freedom to drive vehicles such as motorcycles, ships and even airplanes, or even make purchases and other “mundane” alternatives.

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The need to do business in this way, more relaxed, evidenced by research and studies that show an increase in the population’s anxiety levels. Due to the pandemic, 54% said they were more anxious in the last few days, while 13% indicated very high anxiety – worrying psychological conditions. Which can be understandable, since it does not help to have the impression that your days seem more like an endless video conference.

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