MIUI 12.5 is coming and will bring an important surprise from Xiaomi

Despite the MIUI 12 still reaching many devices, Xiaomi has a surprise prepared to arrive even during 2020. The Chinese brand has the new version of its Android interface ready and coming very soon.

However, and contrary to what might be expected, this is not yet version 13 of MIUI. Xiaomi has an intermediate version and it will now be available. By the end of this month, the new version will reach smartphones.

MIUI Xiaomi smartphone version update

Xiaomi prepares a new version of MIUI

Everything pointed to Xiaomi updating MIUI to the next major version. This would naturally be MIUI 13, but the brand decided to create an intermediate version, which brings together a set of improvements and novelties, essential for now.

Of course, the brand did not neglect the continuation of developments and this version 13 will arrive later. What matters now, and where Xiaomi’s focus is, is on version 12.5, which will arrive in December 2020.

MIUI Xiaomi smartphone version update

Many new features in this new version

Although the improvements in this version are not yet known in detail, there are already some that can be advanced. We talk about changing the image of the interface, especially the main area of ​​the screen, which is accessed by pressing the power button.

There will also be changes in notifications, animations for opening apps, volume control and also in other graphic areas. The interface will be changed in the camera app and also on the full screen for the desktop. It will have a feature to quickly convert images to PDF.

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MIUI Xiaomi smartphone version update

A new smartphone is also on the way

Something that is being advanced as a certainty is the arrival of MIUI 12.5. This should be presented when Xiaomi presents its next smartphone. We are talking about Mi 11, which will also be a few days away from being revealed. This should be the first to bear in mind the SoC Snapdragon 888.

MIUI 12.5 should bring Android 11 to some smartphones, but for the vast majority the current version should be maintained. Even so, this new version brings many new features, preparing the arrival of the next update, which still has no date for presentation.


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