Moon, Saturn and Jupiter form a conjunction today in the sky

Today, between 19h and 20h, whoever is in a place with clear skies will be able to see the Moon in conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn. The three stars will be high in the sky: Saturn on the right and above the Moon, and Jupiter below, also on the right. Look north and see the two planets, which will look like two bright stars.

The next chance to see this conjunction will be on December 21, when there will be the closest approximation between the three since 1623. On that occasion, Moon, Jupiter and Saturn will be so close that they will all fit in the field of view of a telescope and this will only be repeated in 2080.

In order to know which direction to look, it is important to identify the cardinal points. For that, an app can help. On the iPhone, just use the “Compass”, which is part of iOS. For Android, a good option is “Just a compass”, which is simple, free and has no ads.

Another option is to choose an astronomy app. These tools use the cell phone’s compass and the location obtained by the GPS to indicate where to look. Sky Safari can be an alternative: it is free and available for Android and iOS.

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