NASA and SpaceX negotiate with Universal the first film recorded in space

NASA and SpaceX, the aerospace company of billionaire Elon Musk, are negotiating with Universal Pictures to produce the first feature film shot in space. The millionaire project is an idea of ​​Tom Cruise and already has even a possible director.

It was not difficult to find investors for the idea: in addition to Universal, which will have to disburse more than US $ 200 million (approximately R $ 1.04 billion), two other major streaming services vied for the opportunity to finance the project. The choice came about because, for Cruise, the film must become a cinematic event, something Universal, with its Hollywood tradition, is more used to doing.

To assume the direction of the feature, the name was considered Doug Liman, director who worked with Cruise in the films “No Limit of Tomorrow” and “Made in America”. Still, it is worth remembering that, for now, space production does not have a script or forecast for the beginning of filming.


NASA and SpaceX. Image: Reproduction

Regarding the space side of the thing, Musk seemed excited about the idea when, in May, Cruise announced his project and said he would like to leave Earth on board a SpaceX rocket. At the time, Musk used his Twitter account to reply that “it would be fun”.

As for NASA, agency manager Jim Bridenstone said he was excited to work alongside Cruise on his project. “We need popular media to inspire a new generation of engineers and scientists to turn NASA’s ambitious plans into reality,” wrote Bridenstone on Twitter.

However, the idea is ambitious and, therefore, it will not be so easy to realize it. In addition to dealing with something completely new – since a narrative film has never been recorded outside the Earth’s atmosphere – which requires countless precautions, there is the question of value, which, according to analysts, amounts to ‘only’ US $ 200 million ‘at best hypotheses “. If the producers opt for an original script and the budget remains at $ 200 million, the film is already considered the second most expensive original project in the history of cinema, after only Avatar, which cost $ 237 million.

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