NASA supports project for automatic correction of 3D prints on the Moon

I intend to make equipment autonomous in detecting and correcting problems in the process of printing bases on the natural satellite; when completed, it will decrease dependence on Earth supplies

NASA has ambitious plans for the Moon. One of the agency’s intentions is to build 3D printed lunar bases for colonists and explorers. But how do you find out if something went wrong in the printing process before it’s too late? With that in mind, NASA is supporting a Relativity Space project that can detect and correct errors in 3D printing in real time.

The company, which also works in the construction of rockets using 3D printers, intends to create a device that analyzes the radiation protection of the bases during the construction and also says if it is feasible to fix it or it has become scrap. The project is still in its first phase, but received US $ 125,000 from the American space agency for six months of research.

The success of the project can mean a lot for space exploration. Reducing dependence on terrestrial resources is an important point for a possible colonization of the Moon and Mars. Being able to print bases securely using local materials is a big step in that direction.


Security of lunar bases is an important point for extraterrestrial exploration. Photo: Merlinus74

Protection policies

Another important point in this regard is the protection of these extraterrestrial worlds from natural infections on our planet. Now, in a tweet, the American agency administrator, Jim Brindestine, has said that NASA has updated its policies to prevent contaminating organisms on Earth from being carried out in space explorations.

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“We will protect scientific discoveries and the planet’s environment, allowing for dynamic human exploration and commercial innovation on the Moon and Mars,” he said.

Via: Engadget

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