NASA tests new lunar suit underwater

First space suit developed by NASA to be used by astronauts of the next lunar mission, called Artemis, is already in the testing phase.

Called the Exploration Extraveicular Mobility Unit, the suit is intended to protect the crew from traveling in the hostile environment of the Moon. And for this, the first tests were carried out underwater. That’s right, the environment was used, for example, to simulate spacewalks, since scientists can create different levels of gravity in the aquatic environment.

The agency’s initial idea of ​​building in addition to this, four more outfits of the type in an initial batch. The second will be produced for qualification tests and a third will be sent into the orbit of the International Space Station. The last two moonwalk in 2024 during the second flight of the Artemis mission – the first to land on the moon since Apollo 17. Check out more details on our website,

Nasa space mission costume

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