NASA will land tomorrow on the asteroid Bennu

After orbiting the asteroid Bennu for almost two years, the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft finally landed on it tomorrow. The event marks a big step for NASA and will be broadcast live from 18h on Braslia’s schedule. Landing is scheduled for 19h.

The landing has the objective of collecting rock materials and bringing them to Earth for studies. Since Bennu’s surface is strewn with rocks and boulders, the probe will have to go around building-sized rocks around the landing area.

The landing location was handpicked and is about the size of some parking spaces. it is a relatively clean space within the Nightingale crater.

The descent to the asteroid’s surface should take about four hours, but the collection of samples should only take a few seconds. If successful, the mission will occupy an important place in the history of NASA and space exploration.

The landing in Bennu can be followed by NASA’s official website, Twitter and YouTube.

Nasa Asteroid Science & Space

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