NASA will send balloon to space to study the formation of stars

NASA wants to understand how star formation and supernova explosions affect the materials around it. To this end, the agency intends to send a 2.5-meter stratosphere telescope. The equipment goes on board a 150 meter wide balloon inflated with helium.

Called Asthros, the telescope is equipped with satellite dish, mirrors, lenses, refrigerator and detectors designed to capture infrared light. He must observe four targets, including the Carina Nebula, which forms stars in the Milky Way.

Asthros measure the movement, velocity and density of gases around newly formed stars. Then, check for the presence of certain types of nitrogen ions. With this, the team wants to obtain information to refine computer simulations of the evolution of galaxies.

Asthros is expected to make two or three laps around the South Pole for three to four weeks. At the end of this period, the balloon will be separated from the gondola and it will return Earth in a parachute and can be reused. The balloon is expected to be launched from Antrtica in December 2023.

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