Need more apps for your Huawei? Learn how to use Petal Search

Huawei has in AppGallery a unique solution to give its users the apps they need for their smartphones. This store has grown and received more and more programmers and their proposals for essential apps.

As not yet everyone joined this Huawei store, the brand decided to find a solution to this gap. It’s called Petal Search and it’s already available to everyone. Those who need apps and can’t find them certainly have the ideal solution here.

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Petal Search is the solution you were looking for

By not having access to Google services, Huawei smartphones and its users could certainly be harmed. Of course, the brand did not allow this to happen and reinforced the offers of its app store, which had been developing for some time.

As the offers there are not yet universal and contain everything that is necessary, Huawei decided to take a bigger step. The brand created Petal Search, a tool dedicated to finding all the necessary apps for users who are outside the AppGallery.

Huawei gives users the apps they’re looking for

After installed, this app is immediately ready to be used on Huawei smartphones. It is mainly divided into 3 distinct areas, with the first dedicated to news and information. The most important part is even where apps can be searched and found in a simple way.

Just type in the name of the app you want to install and the list displayed indicates where it will be removed and copied to your smartphone. Petal Search also chooses the most secure source and will present that option to the user. These sources are often official or from secure websites where APKs are available.

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All the apps you’ve been looking for are here

As can be seen in the video, Petal Search is extremely simple to use and also very complete when it comes to apps that allow the user to access. Just write the name you want and it will appear immediately, regardless of its origin, even those found within the AppGallery itself. Thus, the user is certainly sure to find the desired one.

To make it even more complete and simpler to use, Huawei has prepared a surprise for Petal Serch. They can have a widget on the main screen to give direct access to this app and thus find the desired apps even more quickly. This is on the list of Android widgets and accessible immediately after installation.

Petal Search: ideal complement to the AppGallery

Something that Petal Search also brings is an area of ​​updates. Like any app store, it detects new versions available and allows users to install these updates as well. Everything is tidy and again accessible with a simple touch, to be easy and direct to help those who use this service and app from Huawei.

This new proposal is then help that most users of the brand’s smartphones were looking for. Huawei thus complements the proposals it has at AppGallery and certainly makes it even more interesting. With Petal Search they find all the essential apps that are not yet available, but that users miss so much.

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