New quarantine: step by step, how the app works to reserve a place on the train

Starting this Wednesday, with the tightening of the quarantine in the AMBA area, it will be mandatory to reserve a location to travel by train. For that reason, the app “Book your train”, which Trenes Argentinos launched in June, will become a necessary platform when it comes to getting on formations that enter and leave the Federal Capital for those people who make essential tasks during Preventive and Mandatory Social Isolation (ASPO).

In the first stage, those users who traveled in the Tiger Branch of the Miter Railroad between 6 and 10 in the morning towards Retiro they had the possibility to reserve their seat.

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How the App works

But from this Monday you can also request it on the Sarmiento line that exclusively fulfills the route between the Moreno and Once headwaters. While in the coming weeks it will be extended to the Roca – San Martín service.

For the moment, the rest of the lines that are not yet in the application will not be changed. The only control they will have is that applied by the security forces for essential personnel until the branches are incorporated into the platform.

Although “Reserve your train” is intended to cover the places available in the cars, passengers can also traveling standing up in the delimited areas with the respective social distance, they warned from the Ministry of Transport.

“The travel reservation is designed to be able to cover the demand for trains at peak times in order to maintain social distance and thus take care of the health of our passengers. We do not want to limit the possibility of people traveling, but by administering a public service that belongs to everyone in Argentina, we seek the common good to avoid the spread of the virus, ”said Martín Marinucci, president of Trenes Argentinos.

How the “Book your train” app works

The app is available to download on Android and iPhone phones through the Google Play platform and the App Store, respectively.

The app

The app “Book your train”.

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Once installed, the passenger must enter their ID and process number, choose the train line, the stations of origin and destination and the date and time of the trip.

The app

The app “Book your train”.

The system will offer the passenger always the most convenient option, or anterior or posterior train; and the occupation of the different services or the buses that will be in the Moreno, Merlo and Morón stations to reinforce the service.

The app

The app “Book your train”.

Once you have selected the train you want to travel on, the user will receive a QR code and its respective procedure number that must be submitted before entering the turnstiles.

The app

The app “Book your train”.

You can reserve the location with up to 5 days in advance and only for 5 calendar days in case the trip is repeated every day.

Another fact to keep in mind is that the reservation cannot be made if the person traveling is not essential and it does not have the circulation permit granted by the National Government. You must also have your DNI and the SUBE card together with the train reservation code (a QR and procedure number that you must present before entering the turnstiles).

In addition to the mobile version, reservations can also be made by calling 0800-222-TREN (8736) or entering this link.

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