Nissan Ariya is the new electric car at a price that will make a statement!

Nissan was one of the first brands to invest heavily in the electric car segment. The Nissan Leaf is an example of that. However, the evolution continues and competitors are more capable than ever. So we have a new electric car called Nissan Ariya.

This car arrives on the market with a value of around 40 thousand dollars, that is, in direct conversion, we are talking about 35 thousand euros. Still, it is expected that Portugal (not to vary) will have values ​​slightly above the rest of the world.

Main features of Nissan Ariya

  • Two engines (one with the equivalent of 215hp, another dual-engine with the equivalent of 389hp)
  • Two versions of 63kWh battery and one with 87kWh
  • Range of 482 kilometers
  • ProPilot 2.0 (identical to Tesla autopilot)
  • Voice recognition
  • From 0 to 100km / h in 5 seconds
  • Integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Android Auto and Apple Car Play

Price around 40 thousand euros is appealing

Nissan Ariya

If you have already looked for the price of electric cars you know that their value is not for any wallet. Although 40 thousand euros is not a low price, it is an affordable price for the type of car you are buying.

Nissan Ariya

Still, it is on the level of the Tesla Model 3, Tesla’s best-selling car so far in Portugal. In other words, here’s the type of design and features you’re looking for.

Nissan Ariya

This new Nissan Ariya has a crossover style and anyone looking for a car of this kind will hardly feel inclined to choose the Tesla Model 3.

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In short, the new Nissan Ariya will hit the market in 2021 and is almost guaranteed to reach Portugal. The electric car war has started and I am seriously excited to know what comes next.

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