NOS customer? Get the BOX command and use this app

Nowadays it is common to have equipment in the homes of operators who provide communications. Smart pits have been one of the bets in recent years and with them comes physical control.

However, as the controls are always worn out and sometimes disappear, nothing better than an app for that purpose. Meet the NOS app that replaces the physical controller.

NOS customer?  Get the BOX command and use this app

You can fix the NOS box control

The NOS Comando TV App is a free application that allows you to control the Iris or UMA boxes via your smartphone. There is no need to login, just connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network. The features of the App are adapted according to the box being controlled.

NOS customer?  Get the BOX command and use this app

The App is available for Iris customers and in a trial version for UMA customers with iOS smartphones – iOS version 10 or higher – and Android – Android version 4.3 or higher.

The TV Command App allows you to:

  • Change the channel
  • Control the broadcast of a program
  • Search or select a specific channel
  • Adjust the volume
  • Navigate the menu
  • Turn the box on and off
  • Control TV by voice if you have a UMA box
  • Control all home boxes (Iris and UMA)

Voice control is only available to UMA customers. Just click once on the key with the voice symbol and do one of the following searches:

  • To see [nome do canal]
  • Search [nome do programa]
  • Search for [nome do ator]

Home page: WE
Price: Free

Now that you know the app to control your NOS box, you can fix the physical command. Try it and whoever used it can also give feedback.

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