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Playstation 5 has just been announced but the time of Playstation 4 is not over yet. Shortly before the end of the life of his console, Sony released a real blockbuster with “The Last of Us Part 2”. But not for the whole family.

With the sequel to one of the best games in the world Playstation 3 has developers Naughty dog to meet great expectations. “The Last Of Us” convinced players and critics in 2013 in particular with its gripping story about the grumpy smuggler Joel, protagonist of the game, and his draw daughter Ellie. The two crossed the United States, devastated by living dead, to find security – and a spark of hope for the future.

Deceptive security

Several years have passed since the end of Part 1. Part 2 is all about Ellie. She is no longer a teenager, but a young, adult woman. She lives with Joel in a small town that successfully defends itself against the infected and hostile people. There is stability and security there.

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But she sends a traumatic experience on a vengeance campaign in the largely destroyed and dilapidated US metropolis of Seattle. In Seattle, Ellie finds herself between the fronts of two hostile factions. And the zombies infected by the fungal virus are still an ever-present danger.

Ellie clears all of this in order to achieve her goal of revenge. The best way to do this is to silently kill individual opponents. Players can hide with Ellie and then wrestle enemies to the ground with a targeted knife stab. If that goes wrong, Ellie also has various firearms. If you always act aggressively and loudly, you will fail in most cases.

A game full of violence

Violence is omnipresent in this game. But while in games like “Doom” brutality becomes slapstick through uninhibited exaggeration, in “The Last Of Us Part 2” it is realistic, dull and repulsive. So much so that you avoid fighting – not because that would be the easier way, but simply because you don’t want to see more blood.

This is not an accident, but an intention: “The Last of Us Part 2 “wants to show what effects the desire for revenge has and that the resulting vicious cycle of violence is difficult to stop.

Technical feat

Whether this works or whether the game with this realistic representation becomes more violent porn is probably in the eye of the beholder. The main reason for the author of this article was that he didn’t want to continue playing.

In terms of craftsmanship, “The Last of Us Part 2” is undoubtedly a masterpiece. Rarely do you see such real-looking gestures and facial expressions in games. Not a single software error was noticed in the test. And even the older, weaker version of the Playstation 4 shows the sometimes breathtaking pictures without a drop in performance.

Real diversity – in every respect

Also positive: While the vast majority of the characters in many other games are still white, male and heterosexual, there is more variety in every respect.

The level design is also terrificly mixed: Most of the time it is linear through the game sections, but in between the players can explore individual areas as much as possible – and thereby make limited decisions about how they get to the goal. However, Ellie makes important decisions without input from the player. If you do not agree with these decisions, there is an increasing dissonance between the protagonist and the players.

Hard tobacco in corona times

This sometimes makes it difficult to enjoy the story – just like the framework conditions for its publication. Because precisely in the context of a global one actually experienced pandemic is “The Last of Us Part 2” hard tobacco.

Because the game shows above all the dark side of humanity – with a world that continues to drift in hatred and violence 25 years after the onset of the fungal infection. After months of social isolation, it is difficult to endure without really thick nerves. That doesn’t make “The Last of Us Part 2” a bad game, on the contrary. However, it should be enjoyed with caution, especially now.

“The Last Of Us Part 2” will be released on June 19 for Playstation 4, is released for ages 18 and up and costs around 60 euros. A sample of the game was provided by the manufacturer for the test.


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