Nubia Red Magic 5S: the new top of the range for gaming is about to arrive

ZTE has been improving its smartphones with the Nubia sub-brand. The next should be the Nubia Red Magic 5S. This should arrive to replace the Nubia Red Magic 5G that we already had for review and that was a real disappointment.

Today the CEO of the brand published on the social network Weibo a small image that promises the model “S” of Nubia Red Magic 5G. We are not sure what to expect from the smartphone, however, the previous model had much to improve.

Points to improve with the new Nubia Red Magic 5S

  • Adding wireless charging
  • Improve screen brightness
  • Improve biometric sensor
  • Change the position of the USB-C input and 3.5 “input of the headphones
  • Allow to install a launcher
  • Allow switching icons
  • Do a good translation of the software into Portuguese
  • Add possibility to expand memory with MicroSD

We don’t know if all of this will be improved on the Nubia Red Magic 5S, however, these were the problems we faced in the previous model.

Nubia Red Magic 5S

The smartphone could even be a top of the range, however, it was far from a 4gnews recommendation. Poor software management and little interest in creating a truly gaming smartphone has arrived for this.

Nubia Red Magic

However, everyone has the right to make mistakes. As long as the next equipment does not make the same mistakes. It is good to see ZTE investing in the gaming segment and as much as I didn’t like the Nubia Red Magic 5G it was the best smartphone I had to play PUBG.

In other words, there is a possibility of improvement and there is a market willing to invest money in smartphones of this type. Hopefully, the improvements are significant.

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