Nvidia GeForce Now lets you add filters to games

System will also take screenshot automatically at important moments of ‘Destiny 2’

If you like Instagram filters, you’ll be interested in this new feature from Nvidia. The next time you start GeForce Now, you can dramatically change the appearance of any game you’re playing. The company added Freestyle technology throughout the service. With it, players can put filters in games, as if it were a video on Instagram.

Freestyle technology integrated at the driver level for “perfect compatibility”, according to the company, with a long list of compatible games. Some of the changes that the technology allows, for example, are to improve the color and contrast, activate HDR, apply tones in blue or reduce blue light in night mode. Freestyle is available from this Thursday (2) on GeForce now for PC and macOS. Filters can be applied via overlay within the game.


Freestyle feature allows you to apply different filters to a game using GeForce Now. Image: Nvidia

Regardless of whether or not using the filters available in Freestyle, this update indicates the direction taken by Nvidia. The company is making its streaming service something closer to its native gaming experience. If you choose GeForce Now, this feature represents less loss compared to a high-end video card.

In addition, Nvidia also added support for Highlights in “Destiny 2”. This tool uses intelligent pattern and image recognition to detect important moments in the game and capture them automatically. This allows the player to share the content elsewhere in the future without having to worry about creating clips manually.

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Via: Engadget

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