On the spoons – “Radical Rabbit Stew”: Weird rabbit hunting in a retro look

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – In this game there is something with a spoon on the spoon. Because of cute little rabbits: In “Radical Rabbit Stew” by the Swedish developer Pugstorm AB, the long-eared rodents are the bad guys!

Players take on the role of space cooks who have to defend themselves against the hopping rabble. And what weapon would be more obvious than a wooden spoon?

In the saucepan with them!

With the wooden spoon, players have to beat the hordes of killer rabbits into the next best saucepan – and then cook it into a delicious stew. So the game is not for animal lovers, rather for friends of pitch-black humor.

In addition to the cheeky beasts jumping around, the players have to deal with tricky bosses who use pretty much everything the screen has for ammunition – bombs or, of course, rabbits. It can also happen that a pug in a rabbit costume suddenly gets in the way of the players. This is – like so much here – a bit weird, but also very funny because of its absurdity alone.

Together against the rodents

The graphics of the game are in the 16-bit retro look from the days of Super Nintendo – “Radical Rabbit Stew” should therefore be sure of nostalgic feelings for older game fans. If you don’t dare to face the rabbit hordes alone, you can pick up the wooden spoon together with friends in co-op mode – and hand out double wedges.

“Radical Rabbit Stew” is available for PC, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. It costs around 15 euros.

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