OnePlus Buds will have autonomy for more than one day of consecutive use

It is no secret that OnePlus is preparing to enter the headset market true wireless. The OnePlus Buds will be revealed on the same day as the OnePlus Nord and the brand has just confirmed some details of this gadget.

In its official forum, the Chinese confirms that OnePlus Buds will have a total autonomy of up to 30 hours. These values ​​will leave you well rested whenever you leave the house with them.

OnePlus Buds

OnePlus Buds offer 7 hours of continuous playback

As you might have guessed, the advanced range results from a combination of the OnePlus Buds range and the battery in its box. It is then confirmed by the Chinese that these earbuds will offer up to 7 hours of continuous playback.

When that energy runs out, your transport box can provide up to 21 more hours of uninterrupted playback. That way you get the 30 hours of maximum autonomy that will inhibit you from the fear of running out of battery for a long time.

Unfortunately, the Chinese company did not disclose how the OnePlus Buds box was loaded. In any case, it is advanced that the Buds will weigh only 4.6 grams and their transport box only 36 grams.

OnePlus Buds will work best with a branded smartphone

Another highlight in this release has to do with the integration of OnePlus Buds with the brand’s smartphones. Not surprisingly, this combination of products will offer an experience that no other can match.

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Still, it is important to mention that OnePlus Buds should work with any Android smartphone. But as many other brands do, the idea is to offer something more to try to “trap” users in the ecosystem.

We are now waiting for information about the price of these earbuds. This data will be preponderant for the success of the brand in a market that is increasingly fierce.

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