OnePlus Launcher receives update with a new feature that you will like! (video)

OnePlus continues to invest many resources in the constant development of the launcher that integrates in their smartphones, this being the only way for its users not to be tempted to install external launchers. Now, new information reveals that the latest update brings a very interesting implementation.

In version v4.5.6 of OnePlus Launcher, users start to see a new button on the Google Discover Feed that allows them to access the OnePlus Shelf in a practical and quick way. Not so long ago, the possibility of switching between feeds was introduced using a “swipe down”, which is an alternative that may appeal to more users.

Although the arrival of this new addition is confirmed, it was not possible to confirm whether it will replace the previous gesture, or whether it will be introduced as an additional option.

When you will be able to access this new implementation in OnePlus Launcher

Several users with version 4.5.6 of OnePlus Launcher have already confirmed the presence of the new button. However, it seems that updating the launcher to the latest version is not enough to guarantee the new implementation.

Therefore, it is likely that OnePlus is launching the new button through an update via server. This is a strategy that is becoming increasingly popular among manufacturers, to make small updates available for their smartphones.

One of the users also stressed that he updated the Google App to the latest version, it is not clear whether he contributed or not to the receipt of the new access button to OnePlus Shelf.

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