OnePlus Nord: these will be the colors available for the smartphone

The OnePlus Nord is the brand’s next smartphone to be unveiled officially. The new equipment is a mid-range terminal, however, OnePlus promises an above-average quality for the price that will be sold.

We still do not have much official information, however, the rumors have given us a clear idea of ​​what the phone will be like. The specifications, for example, should not miss much of what has already been mentioned.

Colors of the next OnePlus Nord

In the video of what you can see above, which portrays the history of the construction and development of the OnePlus Nord, we can see the brand showing the colors of the new smartphone.

OnePlus Nord

Although the image is not clear, at 8:40 you can see 4 different colors for the terminal. Therefore, we can assume that the OnePlus Nord will arrive in black, white, blue and green. As is already normal, the tone names will certainly be a little different.

Features of OnePlus Nord

  • 6.5 “inch screen with hole for front camera
  • OLED screen
  • Biometric sensor on the screen
  • Glass construction
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor
  • 5G technology
  • Configuration of 4 rear cameras
  • 30W fast charging

OnePlus Nord price

We still have no clear idea of ​​the prices of the OnePlus Nord, however, rumors have pointed to a smartphone at around 400 €. More or less.

The truth is that OnePlus is one of the few manufacturers that gives us sublime software quality and if the price of the phone is pleasant, we fully believe that this new Nord could prove to be a huge success.

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