OnePlus Nord will have something never seen before in the brand

This week OnePlus has finally confirmed that it will soon be presenting its long-awaited mid-range smartphone. The confirmation was made public through the CEO, Pete Lau, and with the creation of the Instagram page “OnePlusLiteZThing”.

The name of the page turns out to be a kind of parody of the names advanced by the leaks of information for the equipment: OnePlus Z or OnePlus 8 Lite. Everything indicates that the equipment will be called OnePlus Nord, and will have a functionality never before seen in the brand.

OnePlus Nord will be the brand’s first with two front cameras

The Android Central website exclusively reveals that an internal OnePlus source has confirmed that the OnePlus Nord will have two front cameras.

The source says that the equipment will have 32MP and 8MP sensors. It should be noted that this contradicts the old rumors that realized that it would only have a front camera located in the central area of ​​the top of the equipment.

OnePlus Nord
OnePlus Nord renders realized that it would have a front camera

According to what is said, the front camera of 32MP will be added a wide angle of 8MP to take the best selfies. This is a practice that has borne fruit in the Huawei P40.

According to the same source, the OnePlus Nord should be presented as early as July 10 in India. The global launch is expected to follow, and raises great curiosity for this return of OnePlus to mid-range devices.

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