OnePlus officially confirms the mid-range OnePlus Nord processor

OnePlus is preparing to return to the mid-range smartphone market with the OnePlus Nord. After many rumors, it has now been confirmed that the equipment’s processor will be the Snapdragon 765G.

This information was advanced by Qualcomm itself and also by Carl Pei, co-founder of the brand, in an interview with TechRadar. This means that the equipment will support 5G mobile networks.

It is good to remember that the first rumors were that the equipment would reach the market with the MediaTek Dimensity 1000 processor. This would give it greater performance and the same support for 5G. But OnePlus preferred to continue working with Qualcomm.

OnePlus Nord
Alleged OnePlus Nord design

“We have been looking at the mid-range smartphone market for some time,” says Carl Pei. The bet in this segment, five years after the OnePlus X, is due to the fact that OnePlus is looking for equipment that meets its “Never Settle” philosophy.

OnePlus Nord price will stay “below 500 €”

The OnePlus will not be as cheap as you might have previously thought. On this subject, OnePlus has already confirmed that its price will be below 500 €. That is, we can expect a value between 399 and 499 €.

The attributes will have to be of value in order for OnePlus to convince its fans to spend this value for a mid-range device. This is at a time when equipment with more powerful processors is beginning to reach these price ranges.

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