OnePlus will launch 3 new Smart TVs with amazing prices

It was in September last year that OnePlus made its debut in the Smart TVs market, with the launch of the Q1 and Q1 Pro. These were smart TVs aimed at a premium market, and the manufacturer is now preparing to present three new low-end models. cost.

The new Smart TVs from OnePlus will be 32, 43 and (allegedly) 55 inches. And although the actual prices announced are vague, in the worst cases we can expect very inviting values. Below, the X represents the number the brand has decided to keep secret.

Prices announced by OnePlus

  • 32 inches 1X999 rupees (maximum 235 €)
  • 43 inches – 2X999 rupees (maximum 355 €)
  • 55 inches – 4X999 rupees (maximum 590 €)

These will be the worst-case scenarios, and the brand may surprise by presenting even lower values. However, you should keep in mind that these will be prices for the Indian market.

Rumors suggest that the 32-inch model has an HD panel. The 43 model should have a FullHD panel, while the 55-inch model can come with a QuadHD panel.

OnePlus thus hopes to be able to compete with rivals like Xiaomi in India. And hopefully the brand will soon be able to look at markets other than India. The presentation of the new Smart TVs is scheduled for the 2nd of July, where we can also get to know the mid-range smartphone OnePlus Nord.

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