Optical fiber in 100% of the country? Altice Portugal (MEO) CEO responds

This week, Altice Portugal presented the new MEO campaign “Call again. Connect with life ”. On the sidelines of this presentation event, Alexandre Fonseca, CEO of Altice Portugal, spoke again about the topic of fiber optic coverage across the country.

According to the executive, he referred to Agência Lusa, for there to be optical fiber in 100% of the country, it will be necessary that there is public funding. So that there is no “country at two speeds”, the company expects “public decision makers and other private decision makers” to believe that “it is possible to make that leap”.

Alexandre Fonseca
Alexandre Fonseca, CEO of Altice Portugal

“It is not possible to reach 100% of citizens” only with Altice’s investment

“Even with the investment of a private operator like Altice Portugal, it is not possible to reach 100% of the citizens. We cannot continue with an investment that is 100% private to finance a public service ”, says the CEO of Altice.

The company therefore hopes to obtain the necessary support to complement its investment and make the fiber reach the homes of all Portuguese. And whoever is lucky enough to have the quality of this service, knows the difference it makes.

It is good to remember that it was assumed by the owner of Meo, that 5.3 million houses would be served with fiber. And according to Alexandre Fonseca, the company is only 200 thousand homes from fulfilling this objective.

This is a good time to remember an interview with Alexandre Fonseca in late 2018, where he said: “By 2020 we will have the whole country covered with fiber optics”. This is a reality that does not yet exist, and we hope that the “public decision makers” can leverage it. Anyone who still lives outside this bubble has the right to have it.

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