Organize your days with these Android apps

So that no important task remains to be performed, it is essential to keep your day organized, even if it is a big challenge. There are many distractions and unforeseen events that may arise and may cause you to postpone any. Smartphone apps are therefore an option and today we present alternatives for Android.

Start organizing your days with these apps.

Organize your days with these Android apps

Android apps to organize your days


Sectograph assumes itself as a planning app for your day, but visual. Therefore, using a widget in the form of an analog clock, your day is divided by appointments. This visual presentation is excellent so that time is not lost and nothing remains to be done.

The Android app is free and includes features such as work timer with breaks under the Pomodoro principle, allows you to schedule meals, take medications and other important health actions, also allows you to create goals and can be synchronized with your usual calendar. Among many other options.

Organize your days with these Android apps


TimeTune is an app that helps you manage your time and tasks based on your routines. It is his habit to leave the house at the same time during the week, practice sports three times a week, always have lunch at the same time…

So add these routines to the calendar and, from there, adjust tasks and appointments that are not regular in your life.

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TimeTune -

Toggl: Time Tracker and Timesheet for Work Hours

Third, we suggest Toggl. This app, besides being available for Android, can also be found for iOS is for desktop, namely Windows, macOS and Linux. Thus, the user can have a perfect integration of the service in their daily task management, without being restricted to the Android smartphone or tablet.

With the Toggl app you can keep track of your hours and see where you are spending your time. Then, with this data, learn to program and adjust schedules more efficiently.

Toggl: Time Tracker and Timesheet for Work Hours - Organize your days with these Android apps

Home page:
Price: Free
Punctuation: 4.6 Stars

Jiffy – Time tracker

Finally, we leave as a suggestion to Jiffy, an app that promises to redeem your time that does not seem to yield anything at the end of the day. The organization of your day in a visual way is, once again, seen as fundamental to organization and productivity.

In addition to being available for Android, it can also be found free for iOS.

Home page: Jiffy
Price: Free
Punctuation: 4.2 Stars

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