Personal goes out to compete against Mercado Libre: launched its platform for merchants and entrepreneurs

One of the most important mobile phone operators in Argentina, Personal, launched its e-commerce platform on Tuesday My Personal Business, which will compete against the colossi of the sector Free Market and Cloud Store.

The new solution integrated virtual store that allows the micro-entrepreneur client to digitize the commercial experience of their business, customize it at their convenience and sell to their clients in a personalized way through the social networks of their choice with the integrated payment methods.

Unlike what the Argentine unicorn Mercado Libre or Tienda Nube offers, the platform’s main attraction the absence of the collection of sales commission and as a launch action, those who choose it will have a 3-month free trial.

How is My Personal Business

The new online platform allows entrepreneurs, merchants, small businesses and those close to them to develop their e-commerce unit quickly and easily. In addition, users can sell from the social network that choose the most convenient and contact with their customer network, simplifying the sales process.

The My Personal Business experience is integrated into the Club Personal benefits platform that the mobile phone company offers its users. Those who choose to start their digital sales business through this new platform will have access to promote their products within the Club Personal community that has more than 3.2 million members.

To start your online store it is only necessary to create an account, add the photo of the product, name, price, available stock and integrate it to the preferred payment methods.

With the My Personal Business tools, the user will be able to configure the delivery method (withdrawal or home delivery) and the contacts to whom they will sell it, choosing the preferred social network.

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It allows you to share the catalog with other sellers, ambassadors or influencers who can communicate it to their contacts to offer the products to their own community, through their social networks, and the original seller receives the payment and order orders directly.

For its part, the client (potential buyer) receives the proposal with a link, completes the purchase details, makes the payment and chooses the type of shipment and the seller receives the order to proceed with the delivery. While the seller obtains data in real time of the transactions, integrated into his stock system.

Available plans

By not charging commission for sale the product has 4 type of licenses, with plans starting at $ 699 per month, which are growing in functionalities: Lite Plan, Entrepreneur Plan, Business Plan and Pro Plan.

Personal customers can access the new tool with the first 3 months of service rewarded, without commissions on sales and allows entrepreneurs to be part of the Club Personal partner portfolio to provide exclusive discounts within the Benefits Club.

The service offered by this online store includes: Customizable design templates, Own domain, product load management, images and stock, as well as hosting on world servers.

“With the launch of My Personal Business, we want to be close to our entrepreneurial customers, and go beyond connectivity with a quickly customizable virtual store solution. A differential and integrated proposal de Personal, in a context where customers need to take their business initiatives to a 100% digital experience to continue operating, “said Martin Heine, Marketing Director of Telecom.

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