PES 2021 will be a ‘smaller and cheaper’ game

In announcing that the next Pro Evolution Soccer would be a ‘season update’, Konami left much of the public thinking that the game would be a paid DLC

Konami announced, without giving much details, that Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 would take the form of a “season update” – and caused a tremendous confusion. Everyone thought that the next PES would be a paid PES 2020 DLC, launched last year, with uniforms and renewed teams. But it is not the case.

Fired by IGN and for PC Gamer, the company clarified that PES 2021 will be an independent game, but at a cheaper price than a normal release. Konami clarified that when it made the announcement, it meant that the title would only have minimal changes in the structure of the resources compared to its predecessor.

Currently, developers are focused on the next generation football simulator, which is due to start testing in mid-2021, with an estimated launch date at the end of the same year.

“This title is being developed with updated mechanics that will allow us to enjoy it with surprising improvements in all areas of the game. Expect more realistic models and animations, enhanced physics, photorealistic visuals and more,” said Konami in the official announcement, done this Wednesday (15).

Not today that a large part of the public, not only from Pro Evolution Soccer but also from the Fifa series, from EA Sports, and from other sports games asks that the games stop being individual releases and start to have only annual cast and small updates improvements in graphics and mechanics. For fans, it would be a cheaper and more practical solution than buying the game of the year and “discarding” the previous season.

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Konami’s announcement brought that hope, but it was short-lived. Konami has been left behind in the fields in its dispute against EA Sports, and the company should use this “lost” year to set up a counterattack in the next generation.

Via: IGN / PC Gamer

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