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Game description for the online game “Brazilcup 2014“:

On July 13, 2014 the German national team became world champions for the fourth time with a 1-0 win against Argentina. The online soccer game “Brazilcup 2014” gives you the opportunity to play this tournament again.

You can choose from many different national teams. So you are free to choose the German team and recreate the tournament, or you can choose a different nation and turn the course upside down.

“Brazilcup 2014” is played according to a simple but very fun principle:
You compete with four selected national players in tournament mode against other nations and control the goalkeeper. Your main goal is to keep the box clean. You are of course also free to leave the gate and prove yourself as a goal getter. But don’t forget that it’s pretty easy for your opponent to score an empty goal.

But “Brazilcup 2014” is not just about simple shots on goal – if you want to score points in this game, you should master a lot of tricks. Obstacles can be cleverly played around, local conditions can be cleverly made use of – so that in the end the ball lands safely in the opposing goal!

This is tricky in this case – there is only one ball in the field at the beginning of the game. However, as the game progresses, more are added and you have your hands full. So don’t let yourself be disturbed!

At “Brazilcup 14” you can put your world champion qualities to the test

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