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Game description for the online game “Hidjings Hello Summer“:

Have you had enough of the dreary rainy weather? The gray everyday life spoils your mood? Then beam yourself with “Hidjings Hello Summer” into a world full of summer feeling and good humor. In this combined puzzle and hidden object game, you can decide for yourself whether you would rather look for hidden objects or put together a happy holiday picture.

When you choose the hidden object game, also known as the hidden object game, your task is to track down hidden objects. You play within a given time. Hidden object experts can also try to break their own previously saved record.

The puzzle option offers you an exciting selection of colorful and varied summer motifs. Lean back and enjoy your evening or just switch off with this versatile game. “Hidjings Hello Summer” is always worth a game and is guaranteed to relax you.

At you can play completely free of charge, you neither need registration nor registration.

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