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Game description for the online game “Word Jungle“:

“Ring to Ring” is an online skill game that lives up to its genre. In this free game you have to be very attentive and act carefully in order to master the different levels.

Your job is to help the little octopus to collect the lost diamonds without harming it.

The idea of ​​the game “Ring to Ring” sounds simple, but it will present you with some challenges. At the beginning of each level the octopus is in a ring and runs down it again and again.

With a simple click with your mouse you move it out of the circle. So you can collect diamonds that are outside. To get the little squid back into the circle undamaged, you have to click in good time before it hits the wall of an adjacent ring and shatters.

If two circles are directly adjacent to each other, you can “jump” back and forth between them with a mouse click – but only if the octopus is exactly in front of the point of contact between the circles.

Work your way from ring to ring and collect all lost diamonds. The level is completed when the little squid has landed safely in the green ring.

Start right now and prove your skills in the exciting free online skill game “Ring to Ring”!

At you can play again for free and without logging in or registering.

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