players could become ‘guardian angels’ after being killed

“Among Us”, the mobile game of the moment, completed two years of life in June this year, but only now that InnerSloth, the stadium that developed the game, is considering giving a gift to players. The novelty should involve guardian angels who will have the ability to help players who are still alive.

The idea of ​​the stadium is to give players something more to do after death. Many have complained that, like ghosts – killed by imposters or unjustly eliminated from the ship – completing tasks becomes “boring”. After all, players eliminated from the ship cannot participate in discussions or interact with any other things in the game that are not previously stipulated as tasks.


Only ghosts can see each other. Image: InnerSloth / Reproduction

“[Equilibrar uma mudana como essa] The hardest part, “said Forest Willard, programmer at InnerSloth.” We think a lot about [transformar fantasmas em] guardian angels and things like that, but it’s a difficult thing to do, but we’re definitely thinking about those kinds of things, “he added.

The “Among Us” development team has revealed that it specifically wants to improve the game for the first player to die. For Marcus Bromander, the game’s designer, being in this situation is not at all pleasant, so there are efforts to “discover something” that optimizes the experience for everyone. However, there is still no information about the skills that a guardian angel would have.

Two after being released, “Among Us” finally gained popularity this year when several streamers started broadcasting their mystery-filled games on Twitch. The game, which is free for mobile devices, has been downloaded more than 100 million times and has 3.8 million active players.

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Via: GameSpot

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