PlayStation 5 may be one of Sony’s heaviest consoles

German German website has released possible weight of the new video game, which should also be the highest console made by the company

Since information about the next generation video game consoles began to be released, fans were eager to know what the PlayStation 5 would look like physically. were not detailed. Now, the German Amazon page seems to have disclosed how heavy it will be.

According to e-commerce, the PS5 will weigh 4.78 kilos. If confirmed, the video game will be much heavier than current consoles. The original edition of the PS4 arrived weighing 2.8 kg, while the Slim version is 2.1 kg and the Pro weighs 3.3 kg. The information given by Amazon places the video game as the second heaviest made by Sony, after only the original PlayStation 3, with 5 kg.


A page in addition to Amazon tells you what the weight of the PS5 might be. Photo: Reproduo

In addition to being among the heaviest, the PlayStation 5 should also be the tallest console made by the company. Even without official information, some users of the ResetEra forum made estimates based on USB inputs and optical disc players. These items have standard sizes and, compared to the others, can be 10 cm larger than the PS4. According to fans, the PS5 should be between 38 to 40 cm.


Two other doubts still remain: when it will be released and how much it will cost the PlayStation 5. Apparently, not even Sony still knows the price of the console. At least that is what a Reddit user claims to say he participated in a survey to help define the price of the future console.

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According to youessbee, Nielsen consultancy was hired for a PS5-related survey. The user, who says he participated in the process, posted an image of the survey, which says that “the price of this new product (PlayStation 5) has not yet been determined”.

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