PlayStation becomes tennis brand in partnership with department store

Would you wear a pair of sneakers from your favorite video game brand? Sony, in partnership with Zara, this week launched an option for those who have this dream, with a PlayStation inspired theme designed for children.

The sneakers have a predominantly gray color, which is a reference to the color of the first PlayStation. Instead of chambers, its closure is made with an elastic strap that carries the four symbols that have become the hallmark of the PlayStation: the circle, the square, the triangle and the xis.


On the heel, the “Power” button is also inspired by the PS1, while black details bear the name of the console and the language carries the logo of the console, with the coloring of the time of the first edition. What sets the product apart is the green cushioning bubble, which has become the color of the Xbox’s visual identity, which is the biggest rivalry in the video game market with PlayStation.

The shoe is aimed at children, so unfortunately for adults the sizes are limited to 7.5 in the United States standard, which may not be enough for a man of average size, but maybe they are for adult women. The largest numbers, however, have already been exhausted while this text is written. The price is $ 50.

Partnerships of video game companies with footwear brands are on the rise this year. Microsoft has partnered with Air Jordan to produce and raffle off a pair of sneakers and a stylized Xbox One X. Despite the partnership, the accessories were not personalized with the console brand.

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