PlayStation joins the Facebook boycott campaign

Movement aims to show that the big brands do not agree with the social network approach in relation to posts containing hate speech

Sony’s PlayStation brand, the latest addition to a wave of boycotts by companies to Facebook. Recently, several companies decided to stop advertising on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network and on Instagram.

The decision, which is a form of protest, aims to show that brands do not agree with the way the social network deals with hate speech and harmful content posted by users of the platform.

In a statement sent to Games Industry, the company reports that, “in the midst of the #StopHateForProfit campaign, we globally suspended our activity on Facebook and Instagram, including advertising and unpaid content, until the end of July”.


Company decided to stop advertising on Facebook and Instagram.Photo: iStock / Fototocam

So far, the boycott movement has more than 600 supporters, with companies joining the campaign daily. With the decrease in the number of advertisements, the social network should suffer a drop in relation to the revenues generated, this is because a substantial part of the company’s revenue from advertising.

It is not yet known whether Facebook will yield to the pressure imposed by the boycott of major brands. A company spokesman said he would not make changes to privacy policies just because of the money involved. However, Zuckerberg must meet with the organizers of the action to discuss the matter.

Last week, the social network announced that it will add notices to posts that violate its rules and suppress all content that is related to movements that preach the hate. The boycott organizers said that these changes are not enough, and that stricter rules must be adopted.

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Via: Engadget

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