Podcast 276: Apple is the subject! iOS14, MacOS, WatchOS7 and more!

It’s time for another 4gnews Podcast. The most “pika” Podcast that meets every fortnight to dissect the technological news. This week is no different and this week’s affairs will be Apple without stopping.

Daniel Pinto joined the crowd, so don’t forget to also take a leap to his YouTube channel and say you are coming from here. Today we also have Bruno Coelho’s podcast debut! You’ll like what he has to say!

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iPadOS and WatchOS

We started with this theme on the 4gnews Podcast because we don’t have any relevant news. IPadOS and WatchOS7 are improved but nothing out of this world. Let’s find out what’s new and whether it’s worth updating in the beta or waiting a little longer for the official launch.

Apple iOS 14

This was not the first topic, however, it was a well addressed topic. IOS 14 arrived on iPhones in Beta format and we already have clear ideas for the implementation of new Apple software on their phones. It remains for us to hear the opinions.

MacOS and new processors for Apple computers

MacOS is not only a conversation, but the change of processors on your computers will make you talk. We thought about what may be Apple’s next portfolio and discussed some of its possibilities.

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