Pornhub removed more than 10 million videos after harsh accusations

The platform for adult entertainment and pornography Pornhub removed more than half of all its content in an operation that aims to prevent illegal videos from being spread by demanding from this Monday a verification of all users who publish on the web.

In just 24 hours the number of videos hosted on the portal, a leader in pornographic content, went from more than 13 million to just close to 3 million after applying a series of measures proposed by an article by The New York Times which prompted Mastercard and Visa to block payments with their cards on the Pornhub domain.

In an opinion piece, journalist Nicholas Kristof echoed several cases of sexual exploitation, abuse and rape on this platform that attracts 3,500 million visits per month.

“The page is infested with rape videos. It monetizes rapes of children, revenge porn, videos recorded without consent in women’s showers, racist and misogynistic content and scenes of women being suffocated with plastic bags,” the journalist said in said article, which seems to have stirred the conscience of both financial services.

As a solution, Pornhub will only allow verified users, whose identity and age is legally accredited, to upload content to the platform.

Furthermore, it appears that your employees they will review each of the videos before they are available.

“This means that every piece of content hosted on Pornhub comes from verified providers, a requirement that platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter have not yet established,” the company said on its blog.

The rest of the videos that did not meet that condition -the vast majority- are no longer accessible and are marked with the label “pending verification and review”, something that will be done throughout 2021.

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Until now, as in most social networks, any user (anonymous or identified) could upload all kinds of content to the platform. A constant problem that gives rise to cyberbullying and threats, but in the case of Pornhub it was even more sensitive because it was pornographic content, sometimes uploaded without the authorization of its protagonists or with minors participating.

At the moment, other competing platforms such as Redtube, Youporn or XTube have not announced similar measures.

Source: Agencies

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