Pro1 X: A completely different smartphone with LineageOS or Ubuntu

The smartphone market has been flooded with new equipment, with features that try to be differentiating. As much as the brands try, they always end up following a standard already well defined in the industry and that is normal.

Thus, it is always good to see the arrival of news that promise to change the market and set new trends. This is precisely what the F (x) tec Pro1 X wants to achieve, with its different design. This wants to be the first smartphone to be launched with LineageOS or Ubuntu.

Pro1 X LineageOS QWERTY F (x) tec smartphone

Despite being an unknown brand to the majority, F (x) tec is not a newcomer to the smartphone market. Last year, it launched the Pro1, a smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard, in a different format that resembled a PDA.

Now, and to show that what you can create, you have prepared the Pro1 X. This is an evolution of the previous model, with new features and some unique features. The first one is the operating system. Pro1 X has installed LineageOS, Ubuntu Touch OS or Android.

Of course, there is still to highlight its shape and its format. From a model that appears to be just another proposal, the Pro1 X becomes a minicomputer, with a full 66-key QWERTY keyboard. This means that the smartphone is used horizontally, maximizing the screen area.

In terms of specifications, Pro1 X follows a middle position in the table. It has a Qualcomm 835 SoC, support for Dual SIM, fingerprint reader and a dedicated camera button. These are 8MP in the front and 12MP and 5MP in the rear. It also has a USB-C port and an HDMI port.

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Curious and very interesting is the origin of this smartphone. AF (x) tec joined the well-known XDA forum to create Pro1 X. Thus, it manages to give users an alternative that goes beyond Android. Thus, the presence of LineageOS and Ubuntu is a differentiating advantage.

The Pro1 X from F (x) tec is already on sale in an Indiegogo campaign, with prices around 760 euros. Deliveries are scheduled for March 2021 and the campaign’s objective has already been exceeded. This is a completely different smartphone that shows that there is still a lot to create different and be completely original.

F (x) tec Pro1 X (Indiegogo)

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