PS5 could be one of Sony’s heaviest consoles

The PlayStation 5 may be one of Sony’s heaviest consoles and weigh 4.78 pounds. If the information on the German Amazon website is confirmed, the video game will be much heavier than the current consoles: it will be the second heaviest from Sony and be only behind the original PlayStation 3, with 5 kg.

In addition to being among the heaviest, the PS5 should also be the company’s highest console. Even without the official information, some users of the ResetEra forum made estimates based on the USB ports and optical disc players, which have standard sizes. Thus, the PS5 can be 10 centimeters larger than the PS4 and be between 38 to 40 centimeters.

Two other doubts about the equipment still remain: when it will be launched and how much it will cost.

Sony Video game Console

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