Rare Pokémon card is sold for almost R $ 500 thousand

Only seven ‘Number 1 Trainer’ cards from the Pokmon Super Secret Battle event have been produced. The item’s quality was assessed as practically perfect.

A rare letter “Trainer Number 1” from the Pokmon Super Secret Battle event, held in Japan in 1999, was sold at an auction on Thursday (9) by Heritage Auctions, in the USA, for no less than US $ 90 thousand ( approximately R $ 478 thousand at the current price).

Collectors consider this card to be the most sought after, and one of the rarest, of all the Pokmon Trading Card Game. Illustrated by Japanese artist Hideki Kazama, whose work has appeared on three cards over the years, it was created as a ticket to a secret tournament and delivered to the winners of seven regional tournaments in Japan.

Only after receiving the card would players be informed of the location of the final dispute, hence the name Super Secret Battle. “This specific card was given to one of the seven players who were first placed, which means that there are seven of these cards in the world,” said Barry Sandoval, Vice President of Comics at Heritage Auctions.


The letter that went to auction. The quality was described as “practically perfect”. Photo: Heritage Auctions

The mechanics of the event means that the letter is compared to the “golden ticket” that gives access to Willy Wonka’s factory in the film “The Fantastic Chocolate Factory”. The quality of the example that was auctioned was evaluated as “Gem Mint 10”, which according to the standards of the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) “practically perfect”.

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In March of this year, Heritage Auctions took another rarity up for auction: the only known prototype of the Nintendo PlayStation, a hybrid console developed by Sony in partnership with Nintendo, capable of running Super Nintendo cartridge games but also games on CDs.

The console was discovered in 2015 and sold for $ 360,000 to Greg McLemore, an entrepreneur and founder of the website pets.com, which has a large video game collection and plans to set up a museum.

Source: Heritage Auctions

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