Realistic game uses artificial intelligence to simulate tennis matches

Researchers at Stanford University used artificial intelligence to create a game called Vid2Player, which is capable of simulating tennis matches through video games with professional players.

The novelty was disclosed in an article published in arXiv, as well as a video available on YouTube. The images are impressive for putting great athletes like Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Novak Jovovich and Rafael Nadal in matches like in real life.

Vid2Player draws attention at a time when large video game companies are investing in new technologies in order to make the game experience more and more realistic.

It is common for large game makers to create the human appearance of their games from scratch, which takes time and a lot of effort. The tactic adopted by the Stanford researchers was to use sprites, which are characters based on videos of real people.

In this way, the sprites are put into action by means of artificial intelligence, which mimics the way professional players move in a tennis match. The result is an interactive game that puts great athletes in action.


Game simulates great athletes through real videos. Credits: arXiv.


The user has full control of the characters, being able to change the way the player reacts when hitting a ball that comes from the net, for example. In addition, the software allows you to decide where to aim on the opposite side of the court, or whether to hit the backhand or forehand.

The gameplay also makes it possible to slightly alter the course of a real game, allowing a shot that was actually off limits to magically fall within the line.

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Another very interesting point about Vid2Player is the possibility for users to play with athletes from different times. As the game was made using videos of these professionals in action, the AI ​​of the software had to adjust the lighting and the clothes of the players to standardize the gameplay.

Via: TechXplore

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