Record temperature recorded in Death Valley

Sunday morning was hot in Death Valley, California. One of the highest temperatures on Earth’s surface that is known to have been recorded by 1: it was 54 degrees Celsius in the “Crrego da Fornalha”.

According to the United States National Weather Service, the record was made at 3:41 pm at the local time. If validated, this temperature will be the highest recorded in August in the region.

Death Valley is a depression almost 200 meters below sea level. In 2018, the average temperature for July was 42 degrees Celsius and peaked at 48 degrees Celsius. July is the peak of summer in the northern hemisphere and, therefore, in that month the highest temperature peaks in the region are recorded. This makes the recorded temperature even more unusual now.

The highest temperature on Earth’s surface was recorded in the same Death Valley on July 10, 1913: it was 56 degrees Celsius. The number questioned: studies consider that it was meteorologically impossible under those conditions.

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