Roidmi S1 Special: Xiaomi vertical vacuum cleaner on sale!

Xiaomi has a wide portfolio of products and brands, with Roidmi in charge of household products like this top vertical vacuum cleaner, as well as car cigarette lighter chargers. Now, we realize the good promotion on the Roidmi S1 Special!

Given the recommended retail price of € 299, the Xiaomi upright vacuum cleaner now costs 199 €, a 33% discount that allows the user to save 100 euros when buying. It’s a good time to renew your old vacuum cleaner and get rid of wires.

Grab the Xiaomi Roidmi S1 Special at a good price!

Xiaomi Roidmi S1 Special
The vertical vacuum from Xiaomi is available in several configurations.

Know more about prices and shipping of the vertical vacuum cleaner

The Roidmi S1 Special is the top version of one of the best – if not the best vertical vacuum cleaner in the Xiaomi ecosystem. Includes various tips and accessories for specific cleaning of various surfaces, in addition to several specialized brushes.

It stands out for its autonomy until 50 minutes continuous use, the ability to 400 ml of your waste bin, as well as modularity. That is, because it is a portable vacuum that is easily adaptable and configurable to meet cleaning needs.

Xiaomi Roidmi S1 Special
Accessories and brushes included with the Roidmi S1 Special

The Roidmi S1 Special vacuum cleaner has a suction power of 110 AW (air watts), equivalent to 415 power. Achieves speeds of 100,000 rpm with cyclonic suction technology and mechanics for greater suction power and efficient cleaning.

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It integrates an advanced HEPA filter system with several filtration steps, ideal for retaining any allergen or fine dust, being retained in the vacuum cleaner. It has an elegant and modern design, optimized for comfort of use and work efficiency.

The Roidmi S1 Special is the best version of this vertical vacuum cleaner

It stands out mainly for the 5 years warranty given by the official distributor of this Roidmi vacuum cleaner. Something that in itself says a lot about the quality of the engine, as well as the durability of the main construction elements and accessories.

The Xiaomi vertical vacuum cleaner weighs 1.5 kg, having a large handle or handle for easy use, without trigger. It is very flexible and configurable with several accessories. In addition, it uses batteries manufactured by Samsung for greater durability.

Enjoy shipping and free shipping to Portugal

Xiaomi Roidmi S1 Special

The purchase process in this online store is simple and safe, however, you can follow our guide and see how to buy on Amazon and receive in Portugal. Shipping orders tend to be fast and free for purchases over € 29.

Xiaomi has some of the best vertical vacuum cleaners on the market, for different needs. It should also be noted that the order is managed by Amazon itself, so you are safe and careful against any unforeseen circumstances.

The prices listed are those listed on the online sales platform at the date of writing of this article, with affiliate links.

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