Samsung can imitate Apple in 2021! You will not like

One of the most striking rumors about the iPhone 12 is the possible removal of the charger and earphones from the retail box. It has not yet been confirmed and will only be at launch, but according to several industry sources, as well as the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, there is a great chance that it will happen.

However, what was not expected is that the other manufacturers would start thinking about it too. According to ETNews, Samsung is discussing the issue with other companies, as it needs to reduce the costs associated with the manufacture of smartphones with 5G.

In this sense, removing the charger and / or earphones can be a viable option for manufacturers to start saving on equipment shipments. It will certainly help companies to increase profitability, as the boxes will be smaller, increasing the shipping capacity.


This decision affects the user, but not how you are thinking

At first glance, it is easy to think: it is ridiculous to be removing essential accessories from the box. Maybe they could remove the earphones, but the charger? It is extremely essential. However, let’s be logical: most of us already have a charger or more at home.

With the exception of Huawei, smartphone manufacturers do not usually include super-fast chargers in their equipment. Therefore, a user who already has a previous charger will be able to continue using it on the new smartphone, without having to buy more.

However, the big question is this: with the removal of the accessories, will the brands lower the prices of the equipment? It’s a good thing, otherwise, buying smartpones without accessories at the same price as the versions they included will be a terrible deal.

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