Samsung Galaxy A01 Core: very cheap smartphone is coming

Samsung is ‘cooking’ a new smartphone that promises to hit the market at a very competitive price. It will be called Galaxy A01 Core, and its features have already been revealed.

The device appeared on the Google Play Console, having confirmed some of its specifications. The same source also reveals its frontal design, which seems to be consistent with its segment.

Samsung Galaxy A01 Core specifications:

  • Mediatek MT6739WW processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 720×1480 resolution screen
  • 320 DPI pixel density
  • Android 10
  • Bluetooth 5.0
Samsung Galaxy A01 Core
Samsung Galaxy A01 Core exposed on Google Play Console

Samsung Galaxy A01 Core should run Android GO

The equipment is presented here with the classic upper and lower margins. And although it will arrive with Android 10, it is still uncertain whether Android GO, which is lighter, will not run.

It is pointed out that the equipment will have a screen around 5 inches, with an 18: 9 ratio. In addition, one of its great advantages will be the removable battery, which many users appreciate.

It remains to be seen when Samsung will make the equipment official. Its price will certainly be below 100 €, and we are curious to see how it will behave, even in the most basic functions.

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