Samsung Galaxy M51: a smartphone that will make a statement! Understand the reason

Samsung is preparing yet another smartphone in its “M” range. The Samsung Galaxy M51 will be an entry-level device, however, with features that will convince many users to post on it.

Rumors have said that it will be a terminal with relevant features and the latest information bought it right. Today we know that along with your 64MP camera there will also be two more with 12MP.

Samsung Galaxy M51 features

  • Super AMOLED screen
  • 6.7 “inch screen size
  • Hole in screen for front camera
  • On-screen fingerprint reader
  • Glass construction
  • 128GB internal memory
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor
  • Super 7000 mAh battery

Samsung Galaxy M51

These are the possible spec sheets and the image above can give us something identical when it comes to design. The image above is allegedly of the M31s model that will come out alongside this Samsung Galaxy M51.

That is, the big difference could be its size, thickness and location of the biometric sensor. That in the model with a lower price (M31s) should be at the rear.

This Samsung Galaxy M51 should arrive in Portugal

We are still not sure if the Samsung Galaxy M51 will officially reach our country. However, we have seen a Samsung investing seriously in the “A” and “M” terminals. In other words, it is entirely plausible that this will happen.

Regarding its price, nothing is mentioned yet. However, if the terminal arrives with values ​​around 200 €, it dares to be a mobile phone with a success never before seen by Samsung in this market segment.

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