Samsung Galaxy S21 expected to abandon Snapdragon processors

The presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S21 is still a long way off, but there is talk of something that will be very important. Apparently, the South Korean will be able to equip all models in this range with its Exynos 1000 processors.

This information is being advanced on Twitter and it will certainly generate a lot of discussion. Especially after the controversy that arose this year with the Exynos 990.

I can confirm that Samsung won’t use Snapdragon 865 again for their S21, instead I heard that Samsung could use Exynos 1000 for all S21 varrient (US, China included)

– Your favorite Chun is back (@ Boby25846908) July 7, 2020

Snapdragon 875 price could be the reason for this decision

Qualcomm’s top processor for 2021 will be the Snapdragon 875, from which some important details have already begun to emerge. One of them has to do with its price, something that can change the market a lot.

Apparently, the new Snapdragon 875 could cost manufacturers more € 100 than the current model, which will increase the production costs of smartphones. According to the source of this information, this will be one of the reasons that will lead Samsung to choose only its processors.

By using its processors, the South Korean will be able to lower the production costs of the Samsung Galaxy S21 and, consequently, the selling price to the public. This is so that you can at least maintain the prices charged this year.

Although the Exynos 1000 will be manufactured in the same 5nm process as the Snapdragon 875, fears surrounding this processor are inevitable. This is because Samsung SoCs have lagged behind Qualcomm’s peers in many ways.

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When a lot of people asked Samsung to switch to using only Qualcomm processors at its top end, this information is a disappointment. However, take this news with a big pinch of salt. The font is not one of the most famous in the world and the Snapdragon 875 has not even been revealed yet.

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